AGM Minutes

MINUTES 58th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of The Isleworth Society for year ending 31.12.18 held Wednesday 7th May 2019 at Isleworth Public Hall South Street. Chair: Susan Casey, Secretary, Christine Diwell; Treasurer, Brian Grumbridge c60 members present.


1.     The Chair welcomed all present, introduced the committee and Anne Dykes who oversees book sales

2.     Minutes 57th Meeting 2.5.18 available at the meeting, proposed Susan Casey, seconded Pat Elliot; unanimously approved.

3.     Chair’s Report was circulated prior to and available at the meeting; a slide show indicated some activities. Susan outlined an active, full, positive year of varied activities; despite awful weather goodly support for Carols in the Square; quiz night had high participation with bonus of Barclays £for£ contribution. Isleworth 390 contribution to Armistice centenary commemoration saw record attendance. Submissions were made on the Conservation Area Review.   Opposing the Northumberland Estate’s allotment build was time consuming; TIS was assisted at Appeal by a barrister and expert witness with refusal upheld a welcome outcome.  Susan thanked Andrea as President and committee members for giving time unstintingly.  Pat Elliott from the floor proposed a vote of thanks to Susan for her support: acceptance proposed Mary Downes, seconded Anne Dykes, unanimously approved.

4.     Hon. Treasurer Report – Susan welcomed having Brian as Treasurer; he outlined key aspects on the accounts with an overall surplus c£2,000; an anonymous £1,000 donation was very welcome. The quiz was the most successful event financially. Brian Pett acting as Independent Examiner was thanked. Adoption proposed Ken Stone, seconded John James, unanimously agreed

5.     Appointment of Andrea Cameron as President Susan expressed thanks to Andrea for agreeing to this.  Adoption proposed by Susan, seconded Rosemary Bunce, unanimously agreed.

6.     Election of Committee Brian Grumbridge, took the Chair and proposed Susan Casey as Chair, seconded Pat Elliott, unanimously agreed. Susan asked for new nominations, in particular to cover Membership Secretary vacated by Jacqueline who had done a sterling job. There being no nominations committee as outlined was proposed by Susan, seconded Mike Peacock, unanimously agreed.

The meeting culminated with a talk by Catherine Parry-Wingfield with an account of restoration of J M W Turner’s House, Twickenham.


In view of restrictions in place caused by the Covid-19 it is not possible to hold on the planned date of 18th May 2020 the 59th Annual General Meeting of the Isleworth Society for the year ending 31st December 2019.   The following items were intended to be presented and relevant reports are enclosed.   If members have any comments, questions, or queries please make contact with the Society’s secretary, via or calling 020 8744 0663.

1.              Minutes of the 58th Annual General meeting held 7th May 2019 are appended.

2.              Chair’s report – enclosed

3.              Annual Accounts and Treasurer’s report - enclosed

4.              Appointment of Independent Examiner – Brian Pett

5.              Re-appointment of Andrea Cameron as President

6.              Elections for Committee

            The following are prepared to stand for re-election

Chair                                          Susan Casey

Secretary                                   Christine Diwell

Treasurer                                   Brian Grumbridge

Acting Membership Secretary   Lynne McEvoy

Planning                                     Rosemary Bunce/

                                                    Vanessa Smith

Other members                          Marilyn Larden, Joyce Tomalin,

                                                   Jacqueline Wills


Nominations to serve on the committee would be most welcome; in particular, Lynne McEvoy has manfully held the fort as Membership Secretary on a temporary basis but it would be much appreciated if a volunteer would come forward for this role.


A brief summary of activities/achievements during 2019 is appended. 


It is aimed to arrange a future meeting as soon as feasible.

Summary of 2019 Activities

·       Committee met 8 times; 4 newsletters circulated, one included separate 390 Project update.

·       Members’ Meetings: 12.3.19 Eel Pie Museum; AGM 7.5.19 Turner’s House, Twickenham; 2.8.19 Summer Social at Town Wharf PH

·       Visits/Tours/Market: 22.6.19 Civic Day, Celebrating Isleworth Riverside Conservation Area tour; 29.7.19 held walkabout for Cllr Salman Sheehan 14.8.19 walkabout for new Hounslow Chief Executive 15.7.10; visits:  2 Temple Place; 16.7.19 London Metropolitan Archives; 17.8.19 RFU Stadium, Twickenham. 15.6.19 and 7.12.19 table taken to promote TIS at Shrewsbury Walk markets

·       Celebration Events: 25.9.19 for completion of Park Road Cemetery Gates renovation enabled through TIS securing funding; 11.11.19 launch of publication about 390 servicemen recorded on the Clock Tower War Memorial; 17.12.19 Carols in the Square.

·       Exhibition from September 390 research at West Middlesex Hospital.

·       Donations/Fund Raiser: anonymous £1,000. Several local pictures donated by a member sold; 17.12.19 Quiz Night, net profit doubled by Barclays £for£ scheme.

·       Projects: installation at Redlees of benches/bins following CIL funding allocation and various tidying up of railings etc; participated in achieving maintenance plan for All Saints’ Churchyard; co-funded sculptor’s incidental expenses for renovation of John Farnell/Judge Haliburton busts at Isleworth Library; picture displayed Isleworth Public Hall in memory of Peter Downes, Chairman 2000-6; arranged meeting with Council Officers to enable South Street traders to put their case for reduced rent increases; 390 Project film produced of Armistice Day Centenary 2018; persistently reported inaccuracies of War Memorial clock time until corrective work carried out; held meeting with Hounslow Council/Highways to kick-start projects to improve landscaping and renovate Clock Tower War Memorial; gained acceptance from LBofH to implement renovation of London Road milestone pillars; obtained removal of unauthorised developer advertising; commissioned from Men’s Shed lantern for Park Road cemetery gates and following completion of the ornamental gates obtained agreement in principle to renovation of the pedestrian gate; achieved some improvement on removal of accumulated rubbish North Street former electricity station; achieved update of Thames Path signage Lion Wharf Road, that for Richmond Road still awaited.

·       Meetings/Associations: 20.2.19 attended/asked questions at Cabinet Question & Answer session; represented at meetings of: Friends of Parks Group Forum; Isleworth Police Panel, Isleworth & Brentford Area Forum, Hounslow Highways Lay Assessors, Resident Associations’ Forum/G15+; Northcote Avenue Nature Park.  Continued affiliation of and attendance as appropriate, of Civic Voice and London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies.

·       Consultations/Hounslow workshops: participated in Hounslow’s Greener Cleaner Borough workshops resulting in planting wildflowers at one Twickenham Road location near Busch Corner; responded to/attended workshops for Thriving Communities Strategy consultation; attended exhibition and objected to inappropriate shared pedestrian/cycle route South Street adversely affecting Isleworth Public Hall and the Glossop Memorial area.

·       Park Road Allotment Gardens: continued liaising with and supporting Park Road Allotment Association in their meetings and those with LBofH in endeavours to preserve the allotments from development.

·       Planning: among numerous applications reviewed, commented on were:  174-178 Twickenham Road erection single storey plant room; 10 South Street installation new telephone kiosk with advertising;1-2 The Pavement (Taylors) internal/external refurbishment and re-development works; George Inn change of use from public house to community centre/prayer facility; Castle Yard demolition of existing buildings, erection six flats over 3 storeys; Syon Park creation of one-way link road within Grade 1 parkland from London Road; Units 1-6 and 2-4 Lawrence Parade change of use from offices/retail units to self-contained flats.

Enforcement: 174-178 unauthorised demolition of listed wall; 262 and 262a Twickenham Road failure to adhere to planning consents; 1 Spur Road use of café/shisha premises at front of property after consent refused; Thanet House, Grade ll listed, unauthorised change to windows and front door; 7-8 Upper Square, unauthorised illuminated screen; Weigh Bridge, Church Street unauthorised installation of asphalt covering Locally Listed feature.

·       Isleworth Riverside Conservation Area Review: lobbied, so far unsuccessfully, to bring forward likely late time of latter part of 2020 for renewed review of the largest/most important Conservation Area

·       Local Heritage List: submitted c100 suggestions for inclusion of buildings/structures worthy of inclusion, the large majority were accepted.