NEW - Contemporary Isleworth DVD

The third of our popular DVDs of old photographs

This DVD of scanned photographs is based on the material collected and displayed by the Isleworth Society at our special exhibition in 2006. It features scenes from Isleworth life over the past few decades which we hope local (and maybe not so local) people will find interesting and bring back a few memories. Topics are grouped into Local History, By the River, Work Places, the work of the Isleworth Society and Miscellany and features over 300 photographs.

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Isleworth Remembered Book

Memories of Life in a Riverside London Village 1900-2003

Based on scores of interviews with local residents capturing the living history of the village and illustrated with over 200 photographs, maps and sketches this book provides a fascinating insight into the ever changing face of the 20th Century as seen by residents in a small riverside community on the fringes of London   This professionally produced paperback of 115 pages  will be of interest to local people, social historians and anybody with an interest in how one community has adapted to the last 100 years of change   Contents include Going Shopping, Getting About, Village Life, Time Gentleman Please, Men of the Road, Get Me to the Church, Hitler and Us, Cause for Celebration, Going to the Fair, Leisure Time, Isleworth Public Hall, Syon House, And So to School, The Working Day, Days of Change, Down by the River and the Isleworth Society

Review from web site

"This is a highly enjoyable collection of memories and other stories that relate to Isleworth, a historic Thameside village, culled from countless interviews with the local people. Never stuffy and often highly amusing, this beautifully illustrated paperback, containing around 400 separate stories, ranges from reminiscences about Dutch seamen in clogs unloading their boats in the local harbour through to tales of Saturday mornings at the local Mickey Mouse Club. John Betjeman, who knew the area, would have loved this one"

To Order

Isleworth Remembered is available from or directly from the Isleworth Society by sending cheque for £6.50 made payable to the Isleworth Society to 2 Lynton Close, Isleworth, TW7 7ET  

Isleworth Remembered DVD

A DVD of photographs selected from the Isleworth Remembered exhibition staged by the Isleworth Society September 2003 showing scenes from Isleworth over the years. 

Topics are grouped into

Life - Getting Around, Percey House Hospital, Village Life, In War Time, St Bridgets RC Church,  A family at 12 Gordon Avenue and the launch of the Jubilant.


Work and School - Employment, People at Work, Isleworth Brewery, AFN, And So to School, the Blue School, the Green School, Spring Grove School, and Marlborough School. 


Leisure - Dancing Days and Leisure Time

Isleworth Then and Now DVD

Following the success of the Isleworth Remembered, TIS have produced a second collection of photographs scanned onto DVD

Areas covered include

Church St, Mogden, Redless Park, Worton, Twickenham Rd, Newton Rd, Thames Riverside, West Middlesex Hospital, War Memorial, Public Houses, South Street and Syon Park.

To Order

Each DVD is priced at £3.50 and available by sending a cheque  made payable to the Isleworth Society to 2 Lynton Close, Isleworth, TW7 7ET