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Posted by Roger Sanders on 26/05/2020   Email

Born 19-10-37 in Spring Grove nursing home. Lived in Cranford. Went to Isleworth Grammar 1950 to 57. Brierly was Head Master. George Greig was marvellous English master-produced excellent school plays. I knew Peter Phipps, Barry Burt,Douglas McVey, Ray Giles, and Roger Carrick who went on to be High Commissioner of Australia.I remember the bomb damage to one corner of the school, and the DOG house next door, now a Crown Court.I played rugby and basketball for the old boys. I have a history of the school written many years ago by Ron Hyam. once Head Boy who became a historian in Cambridge. My own career was motor trade and then Probation Service.

Posted by Nick Boorman on 11/05/2020   Email

Hi,I was at Smallberry Green and subsequently Syon school leaving in July 1972. I am still friends with Richard Lewin.The head teachers were Scot and Golding.Does anyone know what happened to Martin Blake or John Chambers

Posted by Alex Cox on 03/11/2019   Email

Hello, I was hoping someone might be able to help me, my Grandad George Cox owned and ran the Butchers on South Street (4 the Pavement) and my two grandfather's before him. I sadly missed out on all this as he had sold it and retired when I was only 3. If anyone has any memories of the shop or stories I would love to hear them? And it would help me with my family history. My Dad (John Cox) grew up at 9 Worple road and went to Smallberry green in the 60's. Many Thanks Alex

Posted by Keith Smith on 30/09/2019   Email

Hi. I was born in Clara Court flats in 1956, apparently osterley. Can you help me to find location. Thanks Keith

Posted by mary stewart on 02/08/2019   Email

My grandfather (who I never met unfortunately) was a schoolmaster at the Old Blue School in Isleworth in 1907-1916 and then again from 1919-1920. I would be very interested to see any photos from that time or to read of any special events at the school back then.

Posted by mitchell on 15/07/2019   Email

Dewey, William (1932) and Alan(1936)... looking for my long lost cousins .. Carol Mitchell

Posted by Christine Melville on 11/07/2019   Email

Just read through some of the messages so intrigued to hear my family name of Priddy mentioned a few times. Especially Janet Gilbert remember you fondly and playing with you guys in Hall Road. Also Julie Hurst you were friends with my sister sue and Margaret. My married name is Melville and I live in Auckland NZ. On a visit home my sister sue and I went to Crowlink to find the camp we went to and then found out that Ken Noakes had written a book on it. Would love to hear from anyone especially Janet and Julie.

Posted by Brian Poole on 21/06/2019

To Rofer Ivimy. I lived in Kilmorey Gardens and I can remember being in the Kilmorey Killers and we used to play with the Haliburton Horrors.

Posted by Brian Poole on 16/06/2019

I was born in 1946 and went to Worple Road School until leaving to live in Windsor in 1957. I remember playing around the alleys where I lived in St Margarets with friends Malcolm, Robert, Paul and others. Life was good then

Posted by john day on 09/05/2019   Email

Marlborough Park Cottage, near Isleworth This address on a letter of 1825 - any idea where or even better, who lived there then? They were in the artistic circle of the day. thank you

Posted by ken noakes on 13/03/2019   Email

For anyone interested in the Worple Road Schools I have written two books on their history. One is called Working at Worple and covers the Junior School from 1928-1975 and the other is The Early History of Worple Road Infant and Worple Road Mixed Schools 1897-1927. Contact me at for more information

Posted by John Kellum on 06/03/2019   Email

We moved to Isleworth in 1965 after which I attended Smallberry Green School. I can't remember many of the teachers but 'Scudder' seams to ring a bell and Mr Evans was French Teacher. Living in Kent now.

Posted by Julien Evans on 24/12/2018   Email

More memories of WR: when I joined the school in 1957 I was assigned to St Patrick's (Green) House. Logic suggests that the other houses were St George's (Red), St Andrew's (Blue) and St David's (Yellow) but my memory fails at this point. The headteacher was Miss Groves(?), superseded the following year by Mr Paul. One of the WR teachers was Mrs Greig, wife of George Greig, who taught English at Isleworth Grammar. IGS lay under the approach to Heathrow's northern runway (28R) so lessons were frequently disrupted by the early jets, which were not noted for quietness of operation. I alluded to this problem in an article I wrote celebrating the Boeing 707's fiftieth anniversary (httpsxxxxx). I have a memory of George Greig striding over to the window during an English lesson to shake his fist at an offender flying overhead. (Possible crew response: 'Hey, there's that mad English teacher down there . . . better throttle back a tad . . .')

Posted by Richard J Davis on 19/12/2018

I was born in 1943 and lived on Yew Tree Walk in Hounslow. (Off Wellington Road South) Went to Grove Road and then to Smallberry Green. Got married, lived near Banbury and then moved to New York City. After 10 years moved to Boston and now live in the Rocky Mountains (Montana) Happy memories of Smallberry Green Mr Farthing, Joe Liddicoat and his hat!! Merry Christmas to everyone

Posted by Julien Evans on 04/10/2018   Email

Hi Deirdre, good to hear from you. Sorry I misspelt your name! Clearly I mis-identified Anne Evans - the image is a photo of a photo, a little out of focus. Were you a friend of Anne's? Ken has posted my copy of the photo on the Isleworth Society Guestbook website. An amended version is also accessible at You may remember the 'Argonaut' incident referred to below. My wife and I visited NZ in 2004 and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed ambience of the country. Plan A was to include a train journey from Greymouth to Christchurch in the itinerary but time constraints meant we had to omit this trip. Has Christchurch recovered from the recent earthquake? For ex-WR pupils, an extract from an article I wrote for an aviation magazine a few years ago can be accessed at

Posted by KEN NOAKES on 04/10/2018   Email

Please get in touch Deidre by email as I have been researching Worple Rd Junior School recently and have written a brief history of the school from 1928-1975.

Posted by Deirdre McKean (Lewis) on 02/10/2018

I was interested to see Julien Evans' posting about Worple Road and I would like to discover more of the history of the school since my time there and have contact with any pupils there in 1956-58. I did love my time at Worple Rd Junior School.I am a New Zealander and spent two years at that time in St Margarets on Thames with my family. I have the 1958 photo of the class and can confirm that Anne Evans was absent from school that day and was not in the photo. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and am a retired lawyer. We have two sons, one also in Christchurch and the other in Japan. We have 4 grandchildren. Deirdre McKean

Posted by KEN NOAKES on 28/09/2018   Email

Julien Evans. I'm writing a book on Worple. I'd very much like to see the photo of Bob Finney. Can you contact me on

Posted by Julien Evans on 09/09/2018   Email

I discovered this website while researching Worple Road Junior School, prompted by the recent obituary in The Times of Geoffrey Whitty (google his name for more info). Geoff was one of my best friends at WR, where I was a pupil 1957-8. He went on to Latymer School while I attended Isleworth Grammar and sadly we didn't keep in touch. I have a 1958 photo of Class 8 at WR - 35 pupils and Form Teacher Mr Finney. I can identify roughly half the pupils: Mick French*, Freda Fearn(?), Diedre Lewis, Doug Harris*, Barry Secker, Geoffrey Whitty, Chris Skidmore*, Ian Kavanagh(?), Ian Roberts*, Roberta Staines, Steve(?) Pollard, Brenda Garwood, Anne Evans, Dave(?) Fricker, Peter Bidmead (or Bidgood). *These boys also went on to IGS, where Chris was head boy 1964-5. If the owner permits, I can post this photo on this website. Julien Evans

Posted by Susan Crookes on 02/09/2018   Email

Hello everyone, I would like to add more information to my immediate family and ancestors. I have always known that my family, granddad, uncle and great granddad ran a blacksmiths at 80 South Street. My dad's side of the family, Sadler, were from Isleworth and Surrey, and his mum's family, Quin, were from Isleworth to the Richmond area. I have struggled to find anything more about them and their lives. I would really like to see some faces for the names I have found and wonder if anyone is still with us so I may be able to have tea and a chat. the time period is mid 1800s through to today and I would love to hear from anyone that can help me fill in the gaps. I lived very near to South Street for many years both with the family and when I got married. My grand mother, Dolly was friends with Grace Chapman, both keen rowers and my granddad, Donald Arthur played for Brentford's B team in 1924 so would love to hear more about that too. If you can help me, I would be delighted, thanks.

Posted by J stevens on 26/08/2018   Email

My uncle was schoolmaster at small berry school and lived in the schoolhouse. At night during the war my mum and aunts family spent the night in the grounds of the school shelter with about 100 or so knees. Sometimes in the morning we would merge to find the earth banks on the shelter from phosphorus bombs dropped overnight. One not but my uncle was on duty and saw a dogfight n the sky. A parachute opened from one German plane shot down and my uncle and other soldiers rushed off to collect the airman when he landed

Posted by James Freemantle on 27/07/2018   Email

I am researching printing at Smallberry Green School in the 1950's or thereabouts when the school produced printed books and magazines made by hand. Please get in touch to give me any stories about your experiences of this. Thank you. James

Posted by Graham Brooker on 24/07/2018

Reply to Emma Kendall post on 12/07/'18, my mother Eileen (nee Stocker) was born in Kendall Road in 1933 and lived there until 1956 and can remember watching the farriers at the forge making horseshoes. The building still stands and can be seen on google maps street view

Posted by Julie Hope (nee Hurst) on 24/07/2018

I was born in 1952 and lived in Dawes Avenue - had a brother Peter Hurst and sister Ann. Just reading through the emails I recognise many names even though they were posted a few years ago. Lived next door to you Alan Cox and knew you and your family Janet Gilbert - knew all the Priddys - great memories of Isleworth. Have joined The Isleworth Appreciation Society, so interesting.

Posted by Geoff Bridger on 19/07/2018   Email

I was born at West Mid Isleworth in May 1943 and amazingly remember our house 26 Percy gardens being badly damaged by the doodle bug on 62 North Street on 29 Aug 1944 when seven were killed. Our front door was in the kitchen glass was everywhere and the roof wrecked. Bit traumatic I guess thats why I remember it. We lived in one room for ages. My Dad, a WW1 veteran, worked at Firestones and did fire watch. I went to St Marys Primary and Busch Open Air School for a while before Gunnersbury. Was in 4th Isleworth Scouts. Some of the names I remember and wonder how they are are Josie Blackwell, Margaret Lewis, Jennifer Uzzle, Joe Grant, John Griffin, Louis Carnack, Amanda Jakes, Christine Richards (Halliburton Rd). We left Isleworth in 1959 when Percy Gardens was demolished and replaced with flats. Now in Sussex. Does anyone have photos of pre-1959 Percy Gardens or have contact with anybody named above please? Many Thanks Geoff Bridger

Posted by Emma Kendall (mn: Sadler) on 12/07/2018   Email

I am researching my family tree and I have a number of family members that lived in Isleworth: *Jack Francis Sadler -18 Morris Road, Isleworth He was married to Ivy May Rudnick *Frank Charles Sadler lived at -55 Unwin Road, Isleworth abt - 1966 -80 South Street, Isleworth abt- 1920's Married Cicely Rose Murby He was a Farrier and I understand he had a business on Kendall Road (?Number 36) *Francis Sadler lived - -34 Newton Road abt:-1952 I would really appreciate if any one has any stories, information or photos. Thank you

Posted by KEN NOAKES on 01/07/2018   Email

Does anyone have photos of the old Worple Road school? Or memories of George Paul and Ron Blezard headteachers through the 1960s?

Posted by Nigel Taylor on 20/06/2018

Born in 1958 moved to unwin road opposite the labouring boys pub the council estate was known as devils island went to isleworth town school head was miss mason a frightening perfumed character who drove a triumph herald went to Syon school for boys Mr farthing was the head master drove a wonderful car with huge fenders deputy was Mr Haller we went into the school air raid shelter without permission as 12 year olds we had moved to redlees close my mum still there about 50 years now I remember the council rent van the rag n bone man Faber and daughters the butcher the jolly gardeners and Victoria pubs

Posted by Colin Grace on 08/05/2018

I was born in 1945. I went to Isleworth Town School and Smallberry Green Secondary Modern, I left in 1961. In 1967 I migrated to Australia. I have very fond memories of both schools. Particularly men like 'Dibbo' Dixon, Joe Liddicoat, Mr Ellis and others. I have often wondered what happened to my school contempories.

Posted by David Scotney on 25/04/2018   Email

Hi I was born in West Mid Hospital in 1944 and grew up on the Worton Estate (9 Howard Rd). I married in 1964. We lived for a few years in Teddington and then moved to Portmouth. My schools were St Johns, Isleworth Town, Smallberry Green and Twickenham Tech. I have very fond memories of growing up on Worton Estate and the surrounding area, Redlees, Isleworth baths, the Thames, Richmond, Hounslow. Sadly two of the people from my past that I would liked to have got in touch with have died. However I still have the memories.

Posted by BRIAN HIGGINS on 25/03/2018   Email

Hi went to Smallberry Green School in 1953 lived in Dawes Ave moved to Devon in 1959

Posted by Edward Yardley on 18/03/2018   Email

Hi I have a book published by Smallberry Green School Isleworth 1953 entitled PRINTING A BRIEF HISTORY WITH USEFUL INFORMATION. It has an original etching by R. Stanley & drypoint by W. Blackburn. Would anyone like to buy it as selling Get in touch via my email

Posted by Dave Southwell. on 28/02/2018   Email

Went to Smallberry Green 1956/7 until 1960 Remember Mr Farthing / Oddie sports Joe Liddtcote / Mr Coppin/ Jock Lyle Headmaster/ Mr Edwards metalwork/ Mr Dixon science ( he said there would be a man on the moon soon!!!) Mr Bending music/ mrFirth then Mr Tombs maths/Mr Lyle English/Mr Ellis art/ Mr Shure woodwork/ Mr Jones? So long ago but lots of memories.

Posted by Howard Broadwell on 14/02/2018   Email

Please feel free to get in touch

Posted by Howard Broadwell on 12/02/2018

Moved to Isleworth when I was one in 1955 and lived on Amhurst Gardens until 1977. Went to the Blue School until 1963. Can just about recall the names of my classmates from then, but have only kept in touch with one of them, Colin Foxton. Went to All Saints church and remember when Martin Waterstone was killed on his bicycle, believe there's a window in the church to commemorate him.

Posted by Terry cox on 04/02/2018   Email

I worked for Clifford dairies in Halliburton road in the 1960s and was the local milkman serving Talbot rd Qeens terrace Worple rd Brentwood ave Percy rd Redlees close and Twickenham rd I wonder if any one remembers me

Posted by Sally White on 30/01/2018   Email

I was born in Mogden Lane in 1949. I attended Worple Road Primary from 1954 to 1960. Then went to Marlborough School for Girls. I have a class photo taken in the last year of primary school, it's on the hall with Mrs Locket and the headmaster. I think I can remember most of the pupils so do get in touch if you weee there !!

Posted by David Taber on 28/01/2018   Email

Like many of your guests I was born 22/07/40 at West Mid attended Isleworth Town and Isleworth Grammar, sang in the All saints choirs first in the temporary church in South street and then down by the river when the church was rebuilt inside the old shell. I well remember the bombing, I lived at 18 Mandeville Rd, spent nights in the garden ARS, one night however there was no siren but all my back windows were blown in and I was under glass in my bed. We had a small neighborhood farm at the top of the road and kept our own chickens with an allotment in St Johns park to grow veg, my fahter was in a reserved occupation at Firestones making tyres, the nights spent in the home guard at Isleworth Half Lock, he was only once injured with shrapnel in his leg. Most supplies were supplied by horse and cart or hand cart. Milk from Jobs in South street. Percy House the old workhouse house many elderly widows and Gummley House would feed the many tramps with soup and bread, Italian POW worked in th

Posted by Ann Greene on 28/01/2018

Reply to Roy Marshall' post of 13th October 2014. I don't know if anyone replied to your query, but I think the incident you're talking about was reported in the Middlesex Chronicle on 7th December 1940. Reporting restrictions meant that actual place-names were not given but the timing and the fact that it was a maternity unit that was hit make it fairly likely. If you can get access to FindMyPast, the Newspaper search brings up a digitised page. Alternatively, Hounslow Local Studies (now based at Feltham Library) hold the microfilms for the Middlesex Chronicle

Posted by Dave Wetzel on 16/01/2018   Email

I was born in West Middlesex Hospital in 1942. My father, Fred Wetzel, born in 1901 in Battersea, lived in Worple Road, Isleworth before the First World War until 1918 when he joined the Middlesex Regiment. He attended Worple Road school. He had several brothers and sisters. His half-sister Dolly Wetzel was born in the house in 1915 owned by Goddards of Brentford, and continued to live there until she died in 1998. His half-brother Stanley was killed in WW2 aged 25 when his ship HMS Hermione was sunk in the Med on 16th June 1942 by a German U-Boat sailing between Alexandra, Egypt and Malta. After 6 years in the Army and service in India, Iraq and Afghanistan (the NorthWest frontier) Fred Wetzel became a bus conductor at Twickenham and Hounslow bus garages and his brother Chris worked at Hanwell bus garage. Fred was a supporter of the Commonwealth Land Party which supported annual Land Value Taxation - a cause he advocated until his death in 1982. Anyone remember Stanley Smith's in Worp

Posted by peter jeremy phipps on 08/01/2018   Email

any one out there. I was born 8/3/39 Marlborough infants/ Isleworth Town and then Isleworth Grammar. form there to Guys Hospital Dentistry. Isleworth Penguins and Eel Pie Island and of course L'auberge in Richmond

Posted by peter jeremy phipps on 08/01/2018   Email

my father was born at a house in Aylett rd. grandmother lived in loring rd. in a house built by her husband Arthur Brown. my mother worked in their shop in Linkfield rd before she was married,--Peggy Brown. I went to Isleworth Town school, then Isleworth Grammar. I remember Roy Marshall, and Robert Ralph.Colin Phipps and Roger Tilbury were my contemporaries1

Posted by peter jeremy phipps on 08/01/2018   Email

Roy Marshall: hi there I was born west mid.8/3/39. Was it Isleworth Town and IGS. and 6th Osterley Scouts. Think you lived at house in Downs View off Parkwood get in touch PJP

Posted by Raymond Lovegrove on 29/12/2017

Colin G Knight how the devil are you? Lived in Dawes Ave.

Posted by Bill Pratt on 16/09/2017   Email

Hi , I was born and bred at 21 Howard road all my dads brothers & my grandfather,grandmother lived here went to isleworth town primary school, then smallberry green after that I was born in 1954 I had a brother called Alan Pratt plus 3 sisters is there any pictures of the class of 54 or anything else thanks

Posted by Susan Hurley on 27/07/2017   Email

I was born in West Middlesex Hospital in 1961. I went to Brentford School for Girls. Sadly I wasn't there much as l had a very disabled mum. I lived in Challis Road with my mum, 2 brothers and my sister. My name then was Susan Holmes. I will always remember my Art teacher Mrs Rigsby, she was the best teacher l ever had. If anyone can remember me please get in touch.

Posted by tony foster on 09/04/2017   Email

I was born in Northcote Rd in 1944. Seem to remember you had an older brother?

Posted by Roger Ivimy on 19/02/2017   Email

Hiya I was born in Isleworth in 1946 , we lived in Halliburton Road, I went to Worple Road infants/ juniors, before moving on to Smallberry Green , I remember the Sports master Mr Farthing and his cane ! As I found myself on the wrong end of it a few times. I can't remember the name of the Tech Drawing and Form master, but I do remember his last words when I left in Easter 1961 ...Ivimy you will either end up in prison or become a millionaire, well I certainly didn't go to prison. I had only kept in touch with my best mate Malcolm Randall , year or two above me, sadly he died a couple years back, would be interested to hear from anyone else in the Halliburton Road area or the from the school former colleagues.

Posted by Colin G Knight on 04/02/2017   Email

Raymond Lovegrove. From Colin Knight.++61754864086 Queensland Australia.I have been looking for you fo 20 yrs. You were in my class at Smallberry Green. I found you on another website but it closed. Went through Kidds Mill in 1939 just before they pulled it down. Watch the bombing of old Isleworth though the glass of our front door as we were all sleeping in the hallway because of the German air raid. You could see massive sheets of flame as the bombs went off. The next morning we went to look at the damage, what a mess. All that was left of old Isleworth shops was the pub where the buses turned around instead of going to Hounslow and the Fish shop opposite the Town Hall. The Flying Bomb that fell in South Street, where they built the Prefabs stopped right over our house, turned and glided down to South street. I remember looking at the damage as the houses that were not flattened had the back walls removed, they looked like a childs dolls house with everything in place, beds clothes

Posted by Janet Davis (nee Grant) on 26/10/2016

I used to be friends with DEBORAH FENTON who lived in old isleworth and have been searching for her for years. Im also looking for Carol Saunders, Angela Marsden and Lorraine Keen. Mainly from Brentford School for Girls and would have been born around 1958. Please help!

Posted by Dave Southwell on 19/10/2016   Email

Hiya, I was born 1945 and lived at Wellington rd South till 1954 approx. I went to Grove Road then moved all the way to Berkley in Heston . New estate!! I still have fond recalls of the Regle n Granada next door ,Coop across the road. Toilets in the middle of road at the Bell! Trolly buses etc could go on fore ever.

Posted by paul hopcroft on 27/08/2016   Email

I went to The Blue School from 1966 - 1972, anybody out there from the same time? if so do you remember sally & Jane Wise from Amhurst Gardens?

Posted by Laurie Martin on 11/07/2016

I lived in beech avenue 1956 -1972 and went to the junior school near the green school then went to smallberry green in 1963.I recall Mrfarthing pe,Mr Ellis art,Mr Roberts science?,Mr Prytherch-Evans biology,Mr Dummer maths,Mr Tombs music.The goalie for my year was Jimmy Greenwood also known as Sappy.when I left School I joined the post Office working at Hounslow, Heathrow ,and Brentford. I lived for a while near the Jolly Gardner's pub and moved to Peterborough

Posted by Anthony ward on 17/04/2016   Email

I was at worple road primary school at the years 1970 to 1978 then we left to go to live in jersey I missed all my friends please does anybody remember me Thanks

Posted by Raymond Lovegrove on 18/02/2016   Email

I was born in west mid 1937 Went to worple road school then smallberry green school. Rememberi from Dawes Mr farthing mr Ellis mr waters mr Humphries teachers. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Posted by Annette Lee on 20/01/2016   Email

My name is Annette Lee ( neeSearle) and I was born and raised in Isleworth

Posted by Colin james on 10/12/2015   Email

Priddys still living at 56 in the 70s... We used to meet there before going off to play football for the Kings arms pub which later became Isleworth Villa....also Christine Priddy was in my class at Worple road... She had a Lassie dog called Simba as I remember

Posted by Janet Woodward (nee Gilbert) on 06/09/2015   Email

My dad, Herbert Gilbertt (Bert) was born in 1925 and he was bought up living at 56 Worple Avenue, isleworth. He had 4 brothers and a sister. He married my mum, Lilian Tompkins, and I was born in 1954 and my brother, David, was born in 1958. We moved from there to Hall Road, isleworth in 1963 or 1964. Mum and dad have passed on now but I just wondered if anybody remembered our family. I know that when we moved to Hall Road, Mr and Mr Priddy moved into number 56 with their 5 children from Dawes Avenue . Susan and Margaret Priddy used to babysit for us and I can remember playing with Christine. I have many fond memories of living there until I was 8 or 9years old. I went to Worple Road School, Chatsworth juniors, Marlborough school for Girls and then to Brentford School for Girls. I now live in North Somerset but have very fond memories of growing up in Isleworth.

Posted by lavinia finn on 19/05/2015   Email

I was born at west mid hospital in 1949, went to the old blue school until 1959 lived in church street enjoyed playing on an Area we called the dump does anyone else remember

Posted by James Moran on 10/05/2015

I can remember Mr Farthing sports teacher at Smallberry green isleworth . He gave me a goalie jumper as my family could not afford to buy me one. He said you play like a goali you should have the correct jumper. I have never forgotten his kindness. Year 1962

Posted by Natasha Castagnetti on 02/03/2015   Email

I would love to see pictures of worple red primary school before it got knocked down, tried looking on line and never found any...loved that school..if anyone can send any pictures, I would be pleaded to see them

Posted by Shelagh McPartland on 12/12/2014   Email

I was born in 1947 at 191 Linkfield Road Isleworth, as was my sister and our father and all his brothers and sisters!.Some of my Dads siblings bought houses next to ours and it was called Dunnes Lane. My Dad was Morris Dunne and his Mum was Jo Dunne. I have lived in Scotland for 50yrs, but still miss my home town,been back a few times and always love going to the river, so many happy childhood memories there.

Posted by Roy Marshall on 13/10/2014   Email

I was born in West Middlesex Hospital on 29th November 1940 at 11pm one hour before an air raid hit and I had to be dug out. I am currently researching the details of this event but am finding sources elusive! Has anyone any ideas? A contact name or address would be useful. I later went to Isleworth Town and Isleworth Grammar School before leaving the area to go to College.

Posted by Martin O'Donnell on 23/06/2014   Email

Hi I was born in West Mid. hospital in December 1932, and lived with my parents for a while in Clifford Rd, Hounslow west.The Worton Rd estate at Isleworth was being built and my parents and I moved to a house in Morris Rd in about 1935-6. I attended the local infants/junior school, then Smallberry green.I have so many happy memories of my childhood, at wars end we moved to the Bath Rd estate,Cranford.I am currently writing a story about those years

Posted by alan cox on 10/06/2014   Email

I was born in Isleworth in 1946 and lived in Dawes Avenue, attended Worple Road School, then Smallberry School. Smallberry Green was a great school especially for Sport,i remember well the Sports Master Mr. Farthing a wonderful man. I now live in Cornwall but have many very happy memories of Isleworth.

Posted by Trish on 03/04/2013   Email

I was born in West. Mid in 1953. Went to St Mary's RC. Live din Swan Street. Live in Australia now but when I am back in the UK - always visit the old town.

Posted by Paul Radforth on 26/11/2012   Email

I grew up in Isleworth from 1944 till 1965 when I married and moved away, I went to Worple Rd Infants and Junior school and then to Smallberry Green Secondary finally going to Twickenham Tech I lived the first four years in Talbot Road and the rest in Chestnut Gardens.

Posted by Jill Bennett on 22/06/2012   Email

I lived in Silverhall Street during the 1950s and I attended the Blue School. My maiden name was Waters. I wondered if there is anyone who lived in Silverhall Street at the time.

Posted by S. Douglas on 01/03/2012   Email

Actually the images are slightly different. Amendment too - my father joined the Australian Flying Corps in 1920 and not 1919

Posted by S Douglas on 01/03/2012   Email

I was looking at your site as I have Brooks and Haylock ancestry from Hounslow, Brentford and Isleworth - I came across the Vickers Vimy at Hounslow Heath in 1919 - I have an identical image in my father's collection - he was in the Air Corp by 1919 and the RAAF when it formed. He must have know someone on that flight and the print that I have is in good condition

Posted by Robin Goodfellow on 17/02/2012

My mother, Pamela (nee Ramsay) was born in Isleworth in 1929. She lived with her parents Tom and Daisy in Aylett Road and attended Spring Grove School. She would really enjoy making contact with any of her contemporaries. If anyone remembers Pamela and wishes to get in touch, please contact Christine, details below, who will pass on any message.

Posted by Steven rice on 02/02/2012   Email

Dear isleworth society i am an Artist at Redlees Studios in Redlees park and was wondering if there is any info on the stable block i work in even on the house many thanks steve

Posted by neil on 25/08/2011

Support the development of the community. A handful of run down shope does not consitute decent shops. I can never do a useful shop in south street and it would also be great to have a free cash machine. Its about time the people of this society looked forward instead of blocking everything. Ive had to live for 10 years whilst people objected to improving a delapidated pub. Enter a new centry please and allow the high street to change and develop for the needs of local people.

Posted by Ian Fisher on 21/03/2011

A collection of films about Isleworth has been accumulated. One we are keen to add is entitled The History of a Thames-side Village. It was compiled in the late 1950s by local primary schools under the collective name Heston & Isleworth Schools' Local History Society. Each school was given a copy of the film and accompanying teaching notes; copies of the notes are held but to date no film strip has come to light. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a copy, please contact Peter - 020 8560 1129

Posted by Carol Teader on 24/01/2011   Email

I was born in West Mid 29th Jan 1945 and I spent my entire school years at St. Mary's R.C. I live a long way away now but Isleworth is home still even though none of my family live there still. I used to attend the Youth Club Dances at St. Bridgets. Look forward to reading comments on Isleworth.

Posted by colin james on 13/12/2010   Email

an Isleworth lad born 'n' bred spent this past 30 years not here i'm afraid but my heart belongs to my place of birth my dear dear ISLEWORTH

Posted by Joan Dallibar on 23/11/2010   Email

Hello, I'm tracking back my family to Isleworth/Brentford area. Having been born at West Middlesex hospital. My family goes back to 1600-1700 with many marriages, deaths etc going through All Saints Church. Keep up the good work