TIS Response to Hounslow Highways 17/3/2015

Dear Sirs


In regard to the letter dated 27th February, these comments are submitted on behalf of The Isleworth Society which was established in 1960.   Its principal aim is to promote interest in, preserve and enhance the unique character of the area.


In our view the proposed change will have an adverse impact on local residential amenity. Appearance of the columns and light emissions do not conform to Streets for All best practice to promote “a more sensitive and bespoke approach to street scene design that places greater value on place, historic features and local distinctiveness”, and are not in keeping with LBofH’s Local Plan expectation in Conservation Areas that proposals “must preserve or enhance the character of the area with respect to grain, scale, form, proportions and materials of the surrounding area and existing architecture”.


Hounslow PFI Street Scene Design Guide indicates for Areas of Distinctiveness, “a 'Precinct' design manufactured by Phillips lit by up to 150w with alternative heritage designs also available to suit different historic styles and features” and “All departures from this ...document. ..will need prior approval from the Street Scene Review Panel”.     No indication has been given of reasons this specific LED design has been chosen.  Confirmation of the Street Scene Review Panel’s approval and that of LBofH Conservation Officer has not been demonstrated.


·      in view of insubstantial quality and design, fails to enhance or conserve the character of areas where they are to be located

·      columns lack detail – an example to be followed would be those currently in The Butts at Brentford

·      the plinth is too plain and insubstantial

·      the height will lead to intrusive glare into residences given they will be located in streets with narrow pavements where properties have little or no frontage


Quality of Light

·      Difficult to quantify “quality” as the location of Isleworth’s “demonstration column” is so close to, and overshadowed by an existing LED light across the road (i.e. in Worple Road).

·      The harsh white light causes visual discomfort, is unappealing, too harsh and inappropriate for Isleworth Riverside Conservation Area.

·      The light of the “demonstration model” is overly intrusive into the adjacent property upper storey and this status is likely to obtain in locations where installation is proposed.



·      As it is indicated that light level is capable of being adjusted it is not possible to comment until the approved light level is known and a better location for the Isleworth demonstration model demonstrated.

·      LED light is known to be highly inconsistent.


Christine Diwell

Secretary, The Isleworth Society