Following are some applications reviewed and where appropriate, comment made.   The first two arise from specific concern at loss of historic features harming the appearance and character of the area.

174-178 Twickenham Road – building is underway on approved McCarthy & Stone retirement apartments. Permission did not include demolition of boundary walls, parts pre-dating Middlesex Enclosure Act 1797-1820, and the Council’s Enforcement team was alerted when a substantial part was bulldozed.  This resulted in serving of a Breach of Conditions Notice requiring reinstatement utilising the same bricks, or, if not available, bricks approved by LBofH.  Subsequently developers made application to replace the northern boundary wall with railings and a hedge and include a pedestrian gate providing rear access to Byfield Road.  Both requests were refused permission citing prior demolition of the historic wall as well as inappropriate design, scale and materials which would harm Isleworth Riverside Conservation Area. The developers’ agents have stated they will appeal the decisions.  Should this happen the Notice will be held in abeyance pending outcome of the Inspectorate ruling.

Gumley House Convent Twickenham Road - applied to reposition a door and gate which would result in loss of a recessed decorative archway facing Twickenham Road. Reasons cited were that the set-back area accumulated leaf fall and litter caused damp damage to the door currently not in use.  TIS objected primarily on grounds the change would undermine the integrity of a Grade ll* listed property in a prominent position and was contrary to Local Plan Heritage Policies to retain and conserve heritage assets.  Council officers contended the building behind the doorway was not listed. Contrary evidence to this is Historic England’s listing of the complex clearly indicating “the Victorian additions are in keeping with initial phases which remain readily identifiable and reflect the interesting Roman Catholic period of the house’s history”.  Removal of 3 years’ detritus in the doorway revealed an unspoiled Victorian tessellated floor not mentioned in the application and no damp damage to the door.  TIS outlined at Planning Committee additional concern that this flooring would be damaged by the proposal but was disappointed that, by a vote of 8 – 6, approval was given to a change TIS maintains will cause harm to an historic feature of a Listed Building.

8 Shrewsbury Walk - change of use from A1 (website design shop) to restaurant (A3).  TIS raised concern that siting and size of a flue could adversely affect residential flats.   LBofH recommend approval.

Illuminated Telephone Kiosk outside 10 South Street – appeal lodged after refusal to permit installation. TIS has restated its original objections that it does not respect the visual amenity context and character having an adverse impact on the Conservation Area.   Additional comments submitted cite it is contrary to the Council’s Street Decluttering Strategy. Decision awaited.

White Lion Court, Swan Street – numerous amendments to existing consent to 139 properties, including on re-use of iron lion heads, changes to ground floor and basement parking and installing plant at fourth floor level. TIS has objected citing unacceptable loss of public parking given advent of Controlled Parking Zones in the vicinity; the plant already in situ is clearly visible and detrimental to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.  Decision awaited.

Castle Yard, Rear of Castle P.H., Upper Square - erection of six flats over three storeys withdrawn, revised plan for five flats submitted.  Decision awaited.

13 Bridge Wharf Road - erection of roof extension increasing the ridge height to create an additional floor for two flats; also application to insert two roof windows on the west elevation.  Both approved.

Verge East of Twickenham Road - erection of illuminated 48 sheet advertisement hoarding (c21 ft high). TIS objected on grounds of inappropriate out of character site harming the area’s appearance and residents’ living conditions.   Refused.


Thanet House (Grade ll listed) Twickenham Road - it is anticipated the Council will shortly agree appropriate details of replacement door/windows and an appropriate work schedule.

262 & 262a Twickenham Road retrospective application was refused to revise front elevation of the former Post Office (262); a new application is expected proposing amendment to the unfulfilled agreement to insert two flank windows for the first floor flat (262a).