Rivers and Byways Walk

Situated on the River Thames, Isleworth's wharves were in use by the Middle Ages. By the 18thC is was well known for its river-based industries, orchards and market gardens. A century later it had become more industrialised with other locally produced goods joing flour and beer on its wharves awaiting transport.

This walk, described in a widely availble leaflet and below as a PDF, provides a detailed guided tour through this landscape and introduces both the built environment as well as the wildlife and their habitat.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This PDF document needs to be read carefully because whilst guidance is very clear on the original gate fold leaflet it may be confusing when displayed as a single sided PDF. Please consult the map carefully as the instruction may not appear sequentially due to the reformatting for the web.

If you would like a paper copy please forward an A5 size stamped addressed envelope to The Isleworth Society c/o 2 Lynton Close, Isleworth, TW7 7ET

 Rivers and Byways.pdf