The Isleworth Society - Response to London Forum Members’ Survey 2008  
Important Achievements over last 5 years

Environmental Improvements, include:-
Lower Square - lobbied LBofH to fund, and overseeing improvements to maintain previous uniformity of

street furniture together with refurbishment seating
Silverhall Park - obtained grant  £6,000 to renew fencing for children’s play area, and lobbied LBofH to

fund £30,000 of other improvements, and overseeing these improvements

Twickenham Road - lobbied LBofH to fund re-cutting of milestones

Riverside path - lobbied owners responsible for upkeep to achieve repair paving  

Lobbied LBofH/Environment Agency to repair retaining(flood defence) wall around All Saints Church

Graffiti clean-up/Litter pick days arranged/sponsored days in 2002, 2006, 2007, at various locations  

Old Blue School building (Grade ll listed) - lobbied owners to repair weather vane, clock and remove unauthorised signage.    

Tote Bookmakers - lobbied owners to remove protruding signage (important in view of precedent) 

The Green - lobbied LBofH to fund improve drainage to stop ponding (funding agreed, work still to be carried out)

Memorial Square - lobbied LBofH to fund renewal of unsatisfactory hard landscaping/install further sensitive spherical type bollards to prevent car access (funding agreed, work still to be carried out)


Tree Planting/Protection
Richmond Road - liaised with Thames Landscape Strategy/LBofH re planting of 19 trees 
Van Gogh Close - lobbied LBofH to re-plant vandalised/dead trees
Applied for various TPOs

Taming/Reducing Traffic
South/NorthStreet-Church Street/Park Road - campaigned for traffic calming measures including 20 mph limit; funding now agreed by LBofHounslow, full implementation awaited.
Lobbied for moving bus shelter to coincide with bus stop, following move of latter, without former!

Improvement of local authority consultation
Continuing endeavours to improve erratic planning consultation procedures

Urban Design and Improvement of Development Schemes

Input on Isleworth Riverside Conservation Area Review  (outcome awaited)
Improvement on initial plans for sensitive riverside site, 20 Church Street
Improvement on initial proposal for re-development of King’s Arms PH to plan more in keeping with     

Conservation Area, albeit application to list building was refused
Nazareth House - lobbied for improved design of care village complex and continuation of riverside path through to road, rather than dead-end
Successful applications for listing of Butler’s Almshouses, 6 South Street and the Mill Bridge.
Supported local residents’ campaign to oppose/gain refusal of Campion House development plan
Shrewsbury Walk - objected, successfully, to replacing two houses with flats
South Street - alerted LBofHounslow to initiate enforcement procedure re removal of VictorianShop front/illuminated facia, despite fact planning permission had previously been refused


Networking with other groups
St John’s Residents Association - joint graffiti clean-up /liaison over planning applications (on-going)
Four Roads Residents Association - liaise over planning/alcohol licence applications (on-going)
North St. Margaret’s Residents Association - well attended joint walk from their area to our own arranged; attendance at their barbeque; liaison over listing of Railshead bridge and opposition to amended development plans Gordon House
Isleworth Community Safety Forum - attendance at bi-monthly meetings/supported installation of CCTV cameras at graffiti hotspot through sponsorship of a camera.

Heston & Isleworth Rotary Club - assisted in design, installation, bureaucracy relative to installing 16 heritage plaques, publication/distribution of attendant leaflet and unveiling ceremonies  Friends of Isleworth Public Hall - part-sponsorship/assistance in arranging The Isleworth Festival 2004,including staging Festival of Isleworth Hobbies  


Working with Schools and Churches
Lampton School - offered series of computer lessons to TIS members/co-sponsors of inclusion of Isleworth in the website

Green School - invited to attend at Science Community Strategy meetings 

The Blue School, The Green School for Boys and the Green School for Girls, Gumley Convent School, Isleworth and Syon School, Isleworth Town School, St Mary's Primary School, Worple Primary School - involvement with the Isleworth 390 project , dedicated to finding out more behind the lives of the 390 WW1 servicemen listed on the Isleworth Memorial. The project also involves All Saints Church, Our Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget of Sweden and St John the Baptist Church, The British Legion  and other individuals and organisations.  



Collected reminiscences published under title Isleworth Remembered Memories of Life in a Riverside London Village 1900-2003

Staging of Isleworth Now and Then, Isleworth Remembered, and Contemporary Isleworth exhibitions.